Selecting Fabrics for Colorwash Quilts

Colorwash quilts require a large number of different fabrics! Even a small quilt has about 150 - 2" squares, and fabrics are not frequently repeated in most patterns. A good stash of suitable fabrics can be built by purchasing special packages and swapping with friends. Some quilt shops will cut 1/8 yard pieces if the customer purchases enough of them.  Larger pieces of fabrics can be stored in boxes as usual,  but the cut squares should be stored in shallow trays for easy selection and access. Pizza boxes or  similar containers are good for this purpose. 

Some fabrics can be cut into squares immediately, but some should be set aside for specialized cutting. If a green-fading-to-brown piece is desired, it may be necessary to cut a special piece for that purpose.

Use 100% cotton fabrics. Values should range from very light to very dark, with plenty of "mediums".

Use only prints; no solids, stripes, geometrics, plaids, etc.

1997 Catherine Timmons

If you found this article helpful, please feel free to print a copy for your personal use. If you would like to publish it in your quilt guild newsletter or share it elsewhere, please contact me for permission. 

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